Camping Hossan Lumo, Lumontie 3 (ent. hossantie 278B), 89920 Ruhtinansalmi, Finland, +358500166377  
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HL kartta 2017 copy28 powered campsites on a peaceful place by the lake on a dry and level terrain. Maintenance building has toilets, showers, cooking and laundry facilities. Lake side family sauna requires booking.


  • Chemical disposal point for touring caravans
  • Children’s playground
  • Lakeside sauna (by request)
  • Café with free WiFi and minimarket (open 01st Apr – 31st Oct)
  • Equipment rental 


  • Camping fee for tents and caravan 14€/day + 3€/person, 1,50€/child
  • Camping fee with Caravan card (SFC) 13€/day + 3€/person, 1,50€/child
  • Power point 5€/day 01 May - 30 September
  • Power point 6€/day 01 October - 30 April OR
  • Per kW-h 2€/day + 0,30€/kW-h

Please note that our services are available in summer months only. From October to June we can only provide power point.



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Lumontie 3 (former Hossantie 278 B), FI-89920 Ruhtinansalmi, Finland

Call +358 500 166 377  or email

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